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  1. Holiday Season

    27 Sep 2022
    Oh boy! Here we go, it’s officially 89 days until Christmas is here!! For some people, mostly kids, it’s an exciting time, it’s panic time for mother and fathers . There is another segment of the population that also has that panic moment. Anyone in sales of products, it’s time…

  2. Is it important to hire a specific photographer for your project?

    08 Sep 2022
    Eggs benedict for Huck House Brunchette, Boise Idaho Tacos and a coca-cold with a side of rice and beans for lunch in Downtown Los Angeles Club Sandwich and fries Warn Reserve Bitters and cocktail at Gas lantern drinking company Boise, Idaho Cocktail at Biscut and Hogs Meridian Idaho Avion Tequila…

  3. Hi!

    23 Dec 2021
    Hi, my name is Leslie and I am a photographer that has been in business for the past…. 22yrs, wow! It’s been a while since I decided to start on this journey. It was a very , very, very different game when I started many years ago. I shot my…

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